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Introductory message:

Photo of Jeff & Molly by Jean Brasseur
Photoraphy courtesy of Jean Brasseur © 2010.
Introductory message: By Jeff Dubois

A few years ago, a small number of friends and acquaintances encouraged me to channel some time and energy into developing an internet resource through which I could post regular scribblings and ongoing commentaries on some of my unique experiences and observations.

Initially I procrastinated, giving careful consideration to the very real possibility that any epistemological endeavours I might advance might not be suitable for public consumption. However, after enduring a particularly unpleasant public transit commute seated beside an unreserved and exceedingly flatulent woman, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

No, not the malodorous benevolence of my flatulent fellow passenger... Rather, the alternative possibility that even an opinionated pillock with an over-inflated ego, an under-developed sense of social grace and a general contempt towards persons in positions of presumed authority, might actually be able to offer up something worthy of sharing.

Of course the site is more than just a bumptious repository of opinion and diatribe. (There's no need to use big words when diminutive ones will suffice.) It's secondary purpose is to provide links to useful software and information on a wide variety of net-based resources to assist both the novice and techno-geek in the efficient use of computer technology.

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CBC Radio Live Streams

You do not need any special software, apps or tools to access CBC Radio One and CBC Radio Two. All that you need is an Internet connection and a web-browser. The following links will provide you access to various stations across the country. If you happen to be out of Canada and find these links are not working, you may wish to use a VPN or proxy server to circumvent geoblocking if/where/as needed. Read article.

Image of ibVPN Logo

ibVPN (Anonymity & Privacy)

ibVPN provides an encrypted tunnel between userís devices and their VPN servers. This VPN tunnel allows users to send and transmit data to and from the internet without divulging his or her IP address, because ibVPN replaces the users IP address with one of their 2000+ IP address to protect users identity and anonymity while browsing online. Sign up here.

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Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is an Android APK file that has a lot of movies and TV shows to watch. The software may be downloaded from the TerrariumTVappDownloads.com website. TerrariumTV is NOT a Kodi add-on. Very easy to install as a 3rd-party apk on most Android devices and requires little configuration.

Image of TeaTV Logo


TeaTV is a software application which allows you to streaming movies and TV shows for free. The software is available for Android, Windows & Mac OS. You can download the TeaTV application from the web, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter. TeaTV is NOT a Kodi add-on. Very simple installation and requires little configuration.

Image of Kodi Logo

Kodi Unleashed

Broadband internet service has transformed the telecommunication industry. With more and more content readily available on the internet, a growing number of individuals have moved away from traditional forms of subscription based cable and satellite services and, instead, have adopted the internet as their primary source for audio and video content. Learn more...

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New articles are posted to the site on a regular basis; usually once or twice a month. If you'd like to receive email notification when new content is added to the site, simply suubscribe to our email list. Subscribing is now eaiser than ever. Just follow the easy instructions on the sign-up page and you'll be instantly connected.

Image of Biker babe


A sordid tale, replete with all the requisite and lurid elements of a fine story: drugs, sex, murder, incest, violence, deceit, lust and debauchery. The BIKERSLUTS epic depicts a morality which rivals that of the Old Testament. That is, of course, with one slight difference: BIKERSLUTS has the hot chicks on motorcycles that the Old Testament left out! Read more...

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A YouTube Channel has been created to compliment the existing content on www.jeffdubois.ca. As information is added to the channel over the course of the next few months, we anticipate these additions will serve to bring interesting and provocative content to our existing web presence.

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We understand that viewing a website on a regular basis is not always possible. Give us the opportunity to come to you. To ensure you receive the most recent rant as it's published is now easier than ever. Simple subscribe to an RSS feed from the website and links to the newly created content will be forwarded to you automatically!

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With the increased popularity of smartphones and, for some individuals, a move away from dedicated computers, more and more people are using social media to access changing web content. As a consequence, links to newly posted articles are tweeted on our Twitter feed as they are published.

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Recently, our Facebook presence has been updated and chronological links back to our entire archived collection have been added. If you're an active Facebook user, feel free to connect to our archival content via our Facebook page. And please... do feel free to "Like Us" or "Share" any of our content.

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The Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS) is a free service offered through Shaw Direct which provides basic Canadian network service to viewers who may have lost television service as a consequence of the transition to digital signal transmission. The programme deadline has been extended to 30 November 2013. Full details available on the Shaw Direct website, the CRTC or here.



Recently, while tidying up the house, I stumbled upon a recipe for Curried Carrot Soup that I originally obtained about a decade ago. Its discovery prompted me to commence work on a RECIPE SECTION where such gems might be stored for easy access. Our family will be getting together for an international cuisine festive meal in the coming month so perhaps I'll throw this together for the feast.

Zany Links


C'est tres risque... need I say more? The content presented via the Tres Risque page is not for the faint of heart. Politically correct pudpullers, femiNazis, morally righteous wankers, overly sensitized suckweasels and anyone else incapable of depraved humour in poor taste should likely piss off pronto lest their delicate sensitivities be defiled.

Restaurant Review banner


One needn't be a connoisseur of exquisite cuisine to voice an opinion on a dining experience. It's not, by any measure, an exact science. Following what could best be categorized as a disappointing dining experience the website was expanded to accommodate somewhat opinionated dining reviews of selected Ottawa restaurants. Restaurant Reviews

Movie Review banner


Have you ever been thoroughly disgusted after shelling out a shitload of cash on a film that came highly recommended by a critic? This was my experience recently when I caught The Hunger Games after hearing Robert Fontaine's film review on CBC Radio One's All In A Day. As a consequence, beginning 04 April 2012, I decided to post my own movie reviews summarizing my theatre-going experiences. Movie Review Archives

Image of DellVoice app


DellVoice, in conjuction with Fongo, offers a useful free phone app which can turn your PC, laptop, iPad or tablet into a VOIP telephone. Sign up here, download the app and get your free phone number which allows you to make and receive calls to most of Canada.

Current versions support PC, Android, iPad/iPhone with upcoming versions to support Blackberry Playbook.

Image of phone and money


Where can you get a home phone (call display, call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail) AND an unlimited use cellular phone (call display & call waiting) for $28.95 per month? If I told you that also included unlimited long distance calling anywhere in Canada from BOTH phones, would you believe me? Learn more...